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Wholesale Partners.

From New York to Vancouver, Paris to Munich, our creations can be found in over 150 galleries, boutiques, gift shops and museums worldwide.

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.

Art & Home Decor


Gifts & Drinkware

Image by Becca Lavin
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Hand Crafted in

Ontario, Canada

We pride ourselves in

Quality, Consistency & Creativity

Meet The Creators


Alexi Hunter

Owner/ Head Gaffer/

Glass Designer


Mariel Waddell

Owner/ Head of Operations/

Glass Designer

Glass Blowing Tools

"There is something so mesmerizing about working with glass. It allows you to flirt on the edge of beauty and danger. The medium lets the mind take any shape it desires. It's easy to get lost in the incandescent, but the heat in the infernal only grants you so much time."

Alexi Hunter

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