Glassblowing is becoming increasingly popular right now. People are drawn to glass art because each piece is individually hand made and unique in and of itself.  In addition, little has changed in the craft since it’s origination, meaning a piece created by a glassblower has been made with almost identical tools and methods to that of the ancient artisans. Our medium allows a glassblower to take clear glass and through a process of heat and tool manipulation, breathe life, colour and energy into it.

Here at Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery, we specialize in the production of vessels and functional pieces such as glasses, ornaments or interior design elements.  Aside from production, we also have a large variety of high end pieces that are created by skilled artisans to fit public, commercial and personal spaces.

Our owners, Alexi Hunter and Mariel Waddell Hunter, create pieces that draw from their unique backgrounds; the countryside where Alexi was raised, and warmth of the Caribbean where Mariel grew up. Alexi Hunter’s signature Flava vases are made through a process of blowing the glass and manipulating the length and lip, adding coloured sides, then sandblasting it into an opaque, finished product. Mariel’s gorgeous, water inspired Ripple Wave Bowls, are shaped through the organic use of gravity, and then the bottom is sculpted and layered with hot glass to create the appearance of rippled water. Our artists truly love their craft, and it is made evident in the high quality of items with which they produce.

Our works are both unique and diverse, adding colour and life wherever they are brought. We are able to produce large amounts of our work at a quick rate, without compromising quality. If you are interested in bringing a touch of Kingston Glass to your establishment, please contact our wholesale coordinator, Miranda Doner for more information, or call us today.

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